SSH Key Manager/helpers

license:MIT, see LICENSE for more details.
class SoftLayer.managers.sshkey.SshKeyManager(client)[source]

Manages account SSH keys in SoftLayer.

See product information here:

Parameters:client (SoftLayer.API.BaseClient) – the client instance
add_key(key, label, notes=None)[source]

Adds a new SSH key to the account.

  • key (string) – The SSH key to add
  • label (string) – The label for the key
  • notes (string) – Additional notes for the key

A dictionary of the new key’s information.


Permanently deletes an SSH key from the account.

Parameters:key_id (int) – The ID of the key to delete
edit_key(key_id, label=None, notes=None)[source]

Edits information about an SSH key.

  • key_id (int) – The ID of the key to edit
  • label (string) – The new label for the key
  • notes (string) – Notes to set or change on the key

A Boolean indicating success or failure


Returns full information about a single SSH key.

Parameters:key_id (int) – The ID of the key to retrieve
Returns:A dictionary of information about the key

Lists all SSH keys on the account.

Parameters:label (string) – Filter list based on SSH key label
Returns:A list of dictionaries with information about each key

Takes a string and tries to resolve to a list of matching ids.

What exactly ‘identifier’ can be depends on the resolvers

Parameters:identifier (string) – identifying string
Returns list: