Placement Group Manager

license:MIT, see License for more details.
class SoftLayer.managers.vs_placement.PlacementManager(client)[source]

Manages SoftLayer Reserved Capacity Groups.

Product Information

Existing instances cannot be added to a placement group. You can only add a virtual server instance to a placement group at provisioning. To remove an instance from a placement group, you must delete or reclaim the instance.

Parameters:client (SoftLayer.API.BaseClient) – the client instance

Creates a placement group

A placement_object is defined as:

placement_object = {
    'backendRouterId': 12345,
    'name': 'Test Name',
    'ruleId': 12345
Parameters:placement_object (dictionary) –

Deletes a PlacementGroup

Placement group must be empty to be deleted.


Returns all available rules for creating a placement group


Finds the backend router Id that matches the hostname given

No way to use an objectFilter to find a backendRouter, so we have to search the hard way.

get_object(group_id, mask=None)[source]

Returns a PlacementGroup Object


Calls SoftLayer_Virtual_PlacementGroup::getAvailableRouters()


Finds the rule that matches name.

SoftLayer_Virtual_PlacementGroup_Rule.getAllObjects doesn’t support objectFilters.


List existing placement groups

Calls SoftLayer_Account::getPlacementGroups


Takes a string and tries to resolve to a list of matching ids.

What exactly ‘identifier’ can be depends on the resolvers

Parameters:identifier (string) – identifying string
Returns list: