Configuration File

The SoftLayer API bindings load your settings from a number of different locations.

  • Input directly into SoftLayer.create_client_from_env(…)

  • Enviorment variables (SL_USERNAME, SL_API_KEY)

  • Config file locations (~/.softlayer, /etc/softlayer.conf, %USERPROFILE%AppDataRoamingsoftlayer)

  • Or argument (-C/path/to/config or –config=/path/to/config)

The configuration file is INI-based and requires the softlayer section to be present. The only required fields are username and api_key. You can optionally supply the endpoint_url as well. This file is created automatically by the slcli setup command detailed here: Configuration Setup.

Config Example

username = username
api_key = oyVmeipYQCNrjVS4rF9bHWV7D75S6pa1fghFl384v7mwRCbHTfuJ8qRORIqoVnha
endpoint_url =
timeout = 40 Config Example

username = apikey
api_key = 123cNyhzg45Ab6789ADyzwR_2LAagNVbySgY73tAQOz1
endpoint_url =
timeout = 40