Reverse Whois Commands

rwhois edit

Edit the RWhois data on the account.

rwhois edit [OPTIONS]


--abuse <abuse>

Set the abuse email address

--address1 <address1>

Update the address 1 field

--address2 <address2>

Update the address 2 field

--city <city>

Set the city name

--company <company>

Set the company name

--country <country>

Set the two-letter country code

--firstname <firstname>

Update the first name field

--lastname <lastname>

Update the last name field

--postal <postal>

Set the postal code field

--public, --private

Flags the address as a public or private residence.

--state <state>

Set the two-letter state code

rwhois show

Display the RWhois information for your account.

rwhois show [OPTIONS]