Source code for SoftLayer.decoration

    Handy decorators to use

    :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.
from functools import wraps
from random import randint
from time import sleep

from SoftLayer import exceptions


[docs] def retry(ex=RETRIABLE, tries=4, delay=5, backoff=2, logger=None): """Retry calling the decorated function using an exponential backoff. original from: :param ex: the exception to check. may be a tuple of exceptions to check :param tries: number of times to try (not retry) before giving up :param delay: initial delay between retries in seconds. A random 0-5s will be added to this number to stagger calls. :param backoff: backoff multiplier e.g. value of 2 will double the delay each retry :param logger: logger to use. If None, print """ def deco_retry(func): """@retry(arg[, ...]) -> true decorator""" @wraps(func) def f_retry(*args, **kwargs): """true decorator -> decorated function""" mtries, mdelay = tries, delay while mtries > 1: try: return func(*args, **kwargs) except ex as error: sleeping = mdelay + randint(0, 5) msg = "%s, Retrying in %d seconds..." % (str(error), sleeping) if logger: logger.warning(msg) sleep(sleeping) mtries -= 1 mdelay *= backoff return func(*args, **kwargs) return f_retry # true decorator return deco_retry