Source code for SoftLayer.managers.sshkey

    SSH Key Manager/helpers

    :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.

from SoftLayer import utils

[docs] class SshKeyManager(utils.IdentifierMixin, object): """Manages account SSH keys in SoftLayer. See product information here: :param SoftLayer.API.BaseClient client: the client instance """
[docs] def __init__(self, client): self.client = client self.sshkey = client['Security_Ssh_Key'] self.resolvers = [self._get_ids_from_label]
[docs] def add_key(self, key, label, notes=None): """Adds a new SSH key to the account. :param string key: The SSH key to add :param string label: The label for the key :param string notes: Additional notes for the key :returns: A dictionary of the new key's information. """ order = { 'key': key, 'label': label, 'notes': notes, } return self.sshkey.createObject(order)
[docs] def delete_key(self, key_id): """Permanently deletes an SSH key from the account. :param int key_id: The ID of the key to delete """ return self.sshkey.deleteObject(id=key_id)
[docs] def edit_key(self, key_id, label=None, notes=None): """Edits information about an SSH key. :param int key_id: The ID of the key to edit :param string label: The new label for the key :param string notes: Notes to set or change on the key :returns: A Boolean indicating success or failure """ data = {} if label: data['label'] = label if notes: data['notes'] = notes return self.sshkey.editObject(data, id=key_id)
[docs] def get_key(self, key_id): """Returns full information about a single SSH key. :param int key_id: The ID of the key to retrieve :returns: A dictionary of information about the key """ return self.sshkey.getObject(id=key_id)
[docs] def list_keys(self, label=None): """Lists all SSH keys on the account. :param string label: Filter list based on SSH key label :returns: A list of dictionaries with information about each key """ _filter = utils.NestedDict({}) if label: _filter['sshKeys']['label'] = utils.query_filter(label) return self.client['Account'].getSshKeys(filter=_filter.to_dict())
def _get_ids_from_label(self, label): """Return sshkey IDs which match the given label.""" keys = self.list_keys() results = [] for key in keys: if key['label'] == label: results.append(key['id']) return results