Source code for SoftLayer.managers.ssl

    SSL Manager/helpers

    :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.

[docs]class SSLManager(object): """Manages SSL certificates in SoftLayer. See product information here: Example:: # Initialize the Manager. # env variables. These can also be specified in ~/.softlayer, # or passed directly to SoftLayer.Client() # SL_USERNAME = YOUR_USERNAME # SL_API_KEY = YOUR_API_KEY import SoftLayer client = SoftLayer.Client() mgr = SoftLayer.SSLManager(client) :param SoftLayer.API.BaseClient client: the client instance """ def __init__(self, client): self.client = client self.ssl = self.client['Security_Certificate']
[docs] def list_certs(self, method='all'): """List all certificates. :param string method: The type of certificates to list. Options are 'all', 'expired', and 'valid'. :returns: A list of dictionaries representing the requested SSL certs. Example:: # Get all valid SSL certs certs = mgr.list_certs(method='valid') print certs """ ssl = self.client['Account'] methods = { 'all': 'getSecurityCertificates', 'expired': 'getExpiredSecurityCertificates', 'valid': 'getValidSecurityCertificates' } mask = "mask[id, commonName, validityDays, notes]" func = getattr(ssl, methods[method]) return func(mask=mask)
[docs] def add_certificate(self, certificate): """Creates a new certificate. :param dict certificate: A dictionary representing the parts of the certificate. See for more info. Example:: cert = ?? result = mgr.add_certificate(certificate=cert) """ return self.ssl.createObject(certificate)
[docs] def remove_certificate(self, cert_id): """Removes a certificate. :param integer cert_id: a certificate ID to remove Example:: # Removes certificate with id 1234 result = mgr.remove_certificate(cert_id = 1234) """ return self.ssl.deleteObject(id=cert_id)
[docs] def edit_certificate(self, certificate): """Updates a certificate with the included options. The provided dict must include an 'id' key and value corresponding to the certificate ID that should be updated. :param dict certificate: the certificate to update. Example:: # Updates the cert id 1234 cert['id'] = 1234 cert['certificate'] = ?? result = mgr.edit_certificate(certificate=cert) """ return self.ssl.editObject(certificate, id=certificate['id'])
[docs] def get_certificate(self, cert_id): """Gets a certificate with the ID specified. :param integer cert_id: the certificate ID to retrieve Example:: cert = mgr.get_certificate(cert_id=1234) print(cert) """ return self.ssl.getObject(id=cert_id)