There are a few report type commands in the SLCLI.


Account summary.

summary [OPTIONS]


--sortby <sortby>

Column to sort by


datacenter | hardware | virtual_servers | vlans | subnets | public_ips

A list of datacenters, and how many servers, VSI, vlans, subnets and public_ips are in each.

report bandwidth

Bandwidth summary for every pool/server.

This summary on the total data transfered for each virtual sever, hardware server and bandwidth pool.

More information

report bandwidth [OPTIONS]

report datacenter-closures

Report on Resources in closing datacenters

Displays a list of Datacenters soon to be shutdown, and any resources on the account in those locations

report datacenter-closures [OPTIONS]

Displays some basic information about the Servers and other resources that are in Datacenters scheduled to be decommissioned in the near future. See IBM Cloud Datacenter Consolidation for more information